UWC Scholar Recounts Experience at Lehigh

Lehigh University student Naoki Miura on Iacocca international internship at Petronas in MalaysiaNaoki Manzano Miura is at Lehigh through the Davis United World College Scholars Program, which sends students from around the world to study at the best U.S. colleges after attending a UWC high school. Here, he writes about his experiences at Lehigh.

My name is Naoki Manzano Miura, and I am from Granollers (Barcelona, Spain). I am a senior at Lehigh University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Aerospace Engineering.  The invaluable cultural immersion of being a student at UWC-USA made it the most personally enriching experience in my life. Additionally, being a student at UWC intensified my passion for Engineering and Technology. Particularly, I admired Engineering’s systematic ability to convert the ideas and dreams of Artistotle and Leonardo da Vinci into necessary realities to improve people’s quality of life. I am happy to say that Lehigh University has provided me the necessary skills to become a successful professional and has instilled values of academic honor and integrity within me.

My involvement in Lehigh’s campus through research and other extracurricular activities has had an enormous impact on my future career decisions and my personal growth. For the past year and a half, I have conducted research on biologically-inspired propulsion mechanisms for Dr. Keith Moored. Particularly, this semester I have been focusing on designing, fabricating, and characterizing a wind tunnel gust generator, which will be used to examine the gust response of wings, a crucial parameter for bird flight as well as for the design of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Naoki Miura with Keith MooredDuring this past summer, I served as a Lehigh Iacocca International Intern in Malaysia, where I did research on the characterization of swirl flow in oil pipes at the Technological University of Petronas (UTP).  Besides my laboratory experience, I had the pleasure of visiting numerous beautiful historical and exotic sites in South Eastern Asia; but above all, I had the opportunity to establish valuable friendships with local people, and even met with some UWC-USA alumni.

As far as academic recognition is concerned, I achieved membership in Tau Beta Pi, an honorary society that awards the top 1/8 of the Junior Engineering class, which will help me establish close relationships with professionals in my field of study. I believe that Sigma Phi Delta, an international engineering fraternity I am a member of, will help me in that aspect as well. In terms of club involvement, I am currently the Vice-President of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) at Lehigh University, where I am leading a team of students to optimize the control system of a “quadcopter” that will be put to test in the 2015 American Helicopter Society Micro Air Vehicle Student Challenge, so I have been practicing my technical leadership skills as well as fostering the advance of Engineering Education.

While UWC -USA shaped me as the person I am today, motivated me to achieve my goals, and inspired me to become a citizen of the world, Lehigh University has had an impact on my social and academic life as well. I would have never found my passion and career goals if it had not been for the continuous support and encouraging spirit of my family and friends from both institutions. So thank you Lehigh. And thank you UWC.