English as a Second Language

Advanced English Programs for Academics and Business

English as a Second Language at Lehigh provide students with the real-life English skills and cultural knowledge they need to thrive in academic and professional settings in the United States. We prepare students to be able to communicate in all situations, from the intense level of English in academic lectures and seminars to more casual conversations with friends and colleagues.

ESL at Lehigh offers three courses of study based on a student’s level of experience and the kind of training that best fits his or her particular needs. We work hard through a process of consultation and advising to place each student according to his or her unique set of needs. Each of the programs below is customized to help students obtain the skills they need to succeed. 

  • StepUp is an intensive, seven- to nine-week program that provides comprehensive language and cultural training.
  • The International English Language Center combines private, one-on-one instruction with interactive small group seminars in a customized, self-directed program.
  • Credit courses are offered each semester for advanced learners looking to perfect their fluency.

In addition, ESL offers TOPSS testing for teaching assistants. All international students who will be teaching assistants are required to pass this test before entering the classroom. For more information, contact ESL at (610) 758-6099 or inesl@lehigh.edu.