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English as a Second Language
Lehigh University
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Mark Ouellette

Director, English as a Second Language

Edann Brady

Program Coordinator
(610) 758-6099

I received my bachelor's and master's degrees from Lehigh University and have served as a volunteer coach with the cross country programs before beginning full time work with English as a Second Language in 2011 as the assistant program coordinator. As the program coordinator for ESL, I work with the instructional and administrative staff as well as with undergraduate and graduate students. I am responsible for coordinating our International TA testing, our tutoring program and both credit and non-credit courses. During our summer intensive program, StepUp, I coordinate the social activities and work with the RAs to ensure a happy and peaceful community for our on-campus students. As an alumnus, my commitment to Lehigh University goes beyond my role with ESL. I am particularly interested in our global initiatives as it relates to athletics, both for domestic and international students, and exploring how sports are a shared interest globally. I am also interested in the continuing community partnerships with our local elementary schools.


Jane Desnouée

Jane Desnouée

ESL Instructor
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Ashley Murphy

Curriculum Manager
(610) 758-6129