Youth Representative Program

Begun in the fall of 2008, Lehigh’s United Nations Youth Representative Program matches UN-certified non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students who serve as that NGO’s voice at the United Nations. Our NGO partners are located around the world—Japan, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, and the U.S.—and they focus on a wide range of issues, including environmental sustainability, gender equality, LGBT rights, global health, and international peace, to name a few. Lehigh's Youth Representative Program was the first of its kind, and it has since been adopted as a model by the United Nations worldwide.

United Nations Youth Representatives receive an official UN badge from their NGO, giving them unparalleled access to the United Nations. While there, they attend briefings, present at conferences, and network with high-ranking UN officials, all on behalf of their NGO. Lehigh’s Youth Representative Program is a truly unique experiential learning opportunity, one that allows students to put their education into action outside the classroom in the service of an NGO that shares their interests and commitments. 

youth rep speaking at UN
            Maryam Khan '19
Youth Representative for Caring and
   Living as Neighbours (Australia)
Speaking in the UN General Assembly

Our Youth Representatives come from a range of disciplines across all four of Lehigh's colleges. To learn more about our current Youth Representatives, click here

Current NGO Partners:

American Association of University Women (AAUW), USA
African Citizens Development Foundation, Nigeria 
Augustinians, Global
Bethel Youth Aid Foundation, Ghana
Center for Public Health, Nigeria
Center for Women Studies and Intervention (CSWI), Nigeria
Caring and Living as Neighbours (CLAN), Australia
Peacebuilding Solutions, USA
Peace Boat, Japan
Tarumitra, India
Unitarian Universalist Association, Global
World Corrosion Organization, USA

Additionally, since Lehigh is a UN-accredited NGO, two students serve as Youth Representatives for Lehigh itself at the United Nations.

To learn more about the Youth Representative Program, or to inquire after becoming an NGO partner, contact
Dr. Jenny Hyest at