Attendee Profile

Joao Pinto Santos at Global Village at Lehigh UniversityThe Global Village program accepts highly motivated, unique and well-rounded individuals with a vision and a sense of mission. Approximately 90 candidates are accepted to the program each year from between 40 and 50 countries.

Academic excellence should be balanced with leadership experience, as well as adaptable and open interpersonal skills, a propensity to give to others, a curiosity about diversity and cultural understanding, and a true desire to grow in the global arena.

English is the language of the program and proficiency is required and must be demonstrated. 

Global Villagers come from many backgrounds...

  • She works for the European Parliament.
  • She is an attorney who formerly worked for the Panama Canal Authority and now works with PLAN, one of the largest children's development organizations in the world.
  • Born in Kiev, Ukraine, he is the Operations Manager at eBay, Inc.
  • She founded her own consulting business in her home country of Belarus—On Foot Branding Studio—and was one of the organizers of the AD.NAK!, Belarusian Festival of Marketing and Advertising.
  • He owns and operates an international shipping enterprise in Ghana.
  • She is a young Israeli computer scientist with several patents already to her credit.
  • He is Vice President and Latin America Regional Ethics Officer at Walmart Stores Inc.
  • She is currently working as a Youth Program Officer at Society for International Education in her home country of Pakistan, where her expertise includes exchanges and teacher-student training.
  • He is a young Mexican entrepreneur who owns several successful businesses in Mexico City, Cancun and Monterrey.
  • She negotiates million-dollar bank loans in Peru.
  • He is a young Afghani lawyer who helped draft the constitution for the newly democratic government of Afghanistan. He now holds the position of the Head of the Department of Islamic Countries with the Max Planck Institute for International Law in Germany.

Fast Facts

Number of years: 20
Types of Programs
Global Village: 20
Global Village on the Move: 10

Countries Represented: 135
Number of Graduates: 2,029

Global Village Averages

Applications Per Year: 200
Countries Represented: 40 to 50
Global Partner Types:
Academic: 35+
Government: 20
Business: 3

Average Number of Independent Applicants: 20
Average Partial Scholarship Awarded: 20%

Typical Applicants:
Undergraduate Students: 35%
Graduate Students and Young Entrepreneurs: 30%
Young Professionals: 25%
Other: 10%

Majors and professions:
Political science
and others