Global Village Opening DinnerThe Richard M. Brandt Global Village Endowed Scholarship Fund was established by four GV alumni and a friend and longtime supporter of Global Village. The fund will create a sustainable source of external scholarship funds for qualified Global Village candidates who do not have sufficient personal financial means to accept the invitation to join the Global Village.

Please consider making a gift today, in whatever amount you can afford. Together, we can grow this scholarship fund to ensure that all qualified Global Village candidates will have the opportunity to represent their countries and further enrich our GV Network, their communities, their countries, and our world.

Gifts should be directed to the Richard M. Brandt Global Village Endowed Scholarship Fund. You can either send a check or money order, wire funds, or make a donation via credit card. Please make your first donation right now while you are thinking of it. The future of the Global Village is in your hands; help us to ensure the continued quality and diversity of our amazing GV family.

Donate Now

Please notify Mary Frances Schurtz-Leon, Director of GV Alumni Relations, at when you make a donation so that we can verify that the proper account has been credited.

If donating via credit card, do so through this website. Choose “Areas of Your Choice” and enter “Richard M. Brandt Endowed Scholarship Fund” in the Comments section.

If you are sending a check, please make it payable to Lehigh University and send it to us at the Iacocca Institute.

If you are wiring funds, you will need the following information:

Wells Fargo Bank
1 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Account Name: Lehigh University
Account Number: 2100012444293
Swift Number: WFBIUS6S

CHIPS Participant Number: 0407

For all questions, contact Mary Frances Schurtz-Leon