Alumni Information

The Global Village Network

The Global Village Network's mission is to provide alumni, faculty and staff of the Global Village program with:

  • Open access to contact information for all Global Village alumni
  • A place where users can share business and service opportunities
  • A place where alumni can add and view events on a calendar for face-to-face interaction
  • And most important, a forum for ideas and dialog that will enrich the lives of others and the world

The Global Village Network’s vision is a website where all Global Village Alumni may communicate openly, where everyone shares the same information for the purpose of making the most of themselves to maximize their service to others in the world. The site’s sole purpose is to allow information exchange for the creation of opportunities between Global Village Alumni.

Letters of Recommendation

Please use this form to request a letter of recommendation from the Global Village staff. The more information that you can provide, the better we can comment favorably and specifically on your qualifications and experience. Complete the form and email to Mary-Frances Schurtz-Leon at We require a minimum of two weeks to complete your request.