DTG-GO Award History


Sean Anderson, history, will conduct scholarly research in Aix-en-Provence, France. Read the proposal (PDF).

Frank Artmont, structural engineering, will present a paper at the IABMAS Conference 2016 in Foz de Iguacu, Brazil. Read the proposal (PDF).

James Carrigan, earth and environmental sciences, will conduct scholarly research in Granada, Spain. Read the proposal (PDF).

Carin Molenaar, counseling psychology, will conduct scholarly research in Tübingen, Germany. Read the proposal (PDF).

Steven Rodriguez, mechanical engineering and mechanics, will present at the the International Conference of Next Generation Wind Energy in Lund, Sweden. Read the proposal (PDF).


Denis Aslangil, mechanical engineering and mechanics, will attend the 15th European Turbulence Conference in Delft, Netherlands, and consult at the University of Bristol, UK. Read the proposal (PDF).

Kaitlin Gottuso (Reiman), pyschology, will attend and present at the International Convention of Psychological Sciences in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Read the proposal (PDF) and report (PDF).

Jun Lin, electrical and computer engineering, as part of her doctoral thesis, will present at the 2014 and 2015 IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems. Read the proposal (PDF).

Michael McQuillan, biological sciences - evolutionary biology,  will attend and present at an evolution conference in Guarujá, Brazil. Read the proposal (PDF).

Georgios Tsampras, structural/earthquake engineering, will attend and present at the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE) Annual Technical Conference. Read the proposal (PDF).

Philip Weiser, physics, will attend and present at 28th International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS) at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. Read the proposal (PDF).


Layla Al_Shaer, integrative biology, visited the volcanic crater lakes in Nicaragua to explore the role that parents play in teaching their offspring to correctly interpret and react to environmental threats. Read the proposal (PDF).

Nathan Hopkins, earth and environmental sciences, went to western Sweden to research deformation kinematics within a subglacial thermal boundary. Read the proposal (PDF).

BInay Patel, materials science and egineering,  traveled to Kekrade in the Netherlands to present and collarborate at the 16th International Conference on the Deformation, Yield and Fracture of Polymers. Read the proposal (PDF).

Whitney Szmodis, teaching, learning and technology visited Cambodia to examine the efficacy of an engineering education pimrary school curriculum.  Read the proposal (PDF).