Semester and Year Programs

Students can study abroad for a full semester (fall or spring) or academic year through a variety of academic programs. There are over 200 approved programs in over 60 different countries where students can study. Students may study on an exchange program, direct enroll program, or partner program. Please see below for descriptions of the different types of programs.

For a listing of semester programs click HERE.

Exchange Programs and the Global Engineering Consortium (GE3)

Lehigh has agreements with several exchange schools around the world. In these types of programs, Lehigh students enroll at the exchange university as international exchange students, and students from that university will attend Lehigh for a semester or academic year. Lehigh offers scholarships (up to $2,000) to students who attend an exchange partner program, both during the academic year and summer.

Lehigh is a member of the IIE Global Engineering Consortium (GE3), which allows Lehigh students to study engineering abroad at other participating member institutions.  All GE3 programs qualify for the exchange scholarships.

For a listing of exchange and GE3 programs, click HERE.

Direct Enroll Programs

Direct enroll programs are similar to exchange programs in that students will enroll at the overseas university as a visiting student. These programs require students to apply and enroll directly through the host university.

Partner Programs 

These are U.S.-based nonprofit organizations (sometimes housed at an American university) that coordinate applications, on-site orientations and on-site excursions, and often have their own in-country staff. Many organizations will partner with local universities to offer students a wide variety of local course work, while some act as island programs, allowing students to take all of their course work in English even though a student may be in a non-English speaking country.