Explore and Apply

Get Started Session

Thinking of studying abroad? Your first step is to log into myGlobalLehigh to view the Study Abroad 101 videos. Sessions are offered online anytime and take about 30 minutes. You'll get a study abroad quick start planning guide to help you explore your options for studying abroad. 

Sessions cover important details such as:

  • How to research and decide which study abroad option is best for you
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Grades and credit issues
  • Tuition and financial aid
  • Plus tips on the application process and more!

Work with your Academic Advisor

Speak with your academic advisor!  At this point in the planning process, it is critical to begin a conversation with your academic advisor(s) about how study abroad fits into your overall goals here at Lehigh and your future plans.  Map out your future course schedule and determine what time is best for you to go abroad and what courses you will need to take while abroad.  Make a list of any courses you must take abroad to stay on track for graduation.

Explore Your Options

What kind of program will help you achieve your academic, personal or professional goals? What skills do you want to develop? In what ways do you want to be different when you return?

Does it make more sense for you to go abroad for a full semester or year, or a short-term program (or both!)?  What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of each type of program?  Explore your program options online by searching geographically or by academic discipline. Things to consider: courses offered, housing choices, excursions, support services, expenses, program dates.  With other questions, check out the Resources page for information on policies, forms, student voices, and health and safety.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

After researching your program options, schedule an individual advising session with your study abroad advisor to discuss your academic needs, skills you wish to develop, and other goals you may have for international study. We'll work with you to identify a quality program that fits your goals.

Apply Now

Now it's time to apply! Click here for next steps.