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Global Mountain Hawks are internationally focused peer mentors, serving as points of contact for Lehigh students preparing to study abroad and for incoming international exchange students who are new to Lehigh.

Their firsthand global experiences make them a great support resource. Contact them for guidance on your international journey!

Global Mountain Hawks

Quinnlyn Burger

Quinnlyn Burger

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Minor: Health, Medicine & Society
Study Abroad Experience: Lehigh in Ireland (Summer 2019)
Ask Me About: Professional Development Abroad, Language Learning
Favorite Meal Abroad: Fish and chips or a pizza from The Dough Bros.
Salma Elboute

Salma Elboute

Major: Management
Study Abroad Experience: Passport to Success Montreal, Canada (Spring 2019), Global Citizenship India (Winter 2019)
Ask Me About: First Generation Experience, Financial Aid, First Time Abroad, POC Experience
Favorite Meal Abroad: Naan with sides in India
Ashley Haber

Ashley Haber

Major: Marketing
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Study Abroad Experience: Lehigh In Prague program(Summer 2019), Singapore Management University (Spring 2020)
Ask Me About: Nontraditional Locations
Favorite Meal Abroad: Singaporean Chili Crab
Emily Landgren

Emily Landgren

Major: IDEAS
Study Abroad Experience: University of Edinburgh (Spring 2020)
Favorite Meal Abroad: Neeps, tatties & haggis!
Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy

Major: Business Information Systems
Minor: Decision and Technology Analytics
Study Abroad Experience: Passport to Success Montreal, Canada (Spring 2019), IES Vienna Summer Internship (Summer 2019)
Ask Me About: Internships Abroad, Language Learning, Financial Aid
Favorite Meal Abroad: Schnitzel sandwiches and freshly made pasta
William Peracchio

William Peracchio

Major: Computer Science & Business
Minor: Entrepreneurship, Decision and Technology Analytics
Study Abroad Experience: Global Citizenship Iceland (Winter 2019), Lehigh in Prague (Summer 2019), CBE Global Lab Vietnam & Singapore (Winter 2020)
Ask Me About: Professional Development, Credit Intensive Programs
Favorite Meal Abroad: Drink at the Marina Bay Sands rooftop bar