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We offer several language groups to bring native and non-native speakers together to practice speaking and listening and make connections.

Conversation Partners

The Conversation Partners Program matches international students with native or near-native English speakers for the purpose of language practice and cultural exchange in a relaxed and fun social setting.

The program provides an opportunity for conversational English to take place in one-on-one or small group settings and provide a valuable resource for international students who are working to improve their English language skills. Native English speakers and non-native speakers alike can benefit from the program by becoming a friend to a person from another culture and learning about that culture in an intentional way.

Once Conversation Partners have been matched up with one another, they will arrange to meet for approximately one hour per week at a location and time of their choosing.

Conversation Partners is open to everyone – students, scholars, international families, staff, faculty and community affiliated with the university.

Global Conversation & Arts

Participants in this group gather twice per month to enjoy a show at Zoellner Arts Center and meet people from all over the world. We will also explore offices and resources on campus! While no formal English teaching is involved in this group, it is a wonderful opportunity to practice conversational English and meet new friends! All are welcome!

Language Conversation Group

The Lehigh University Global Union Connects Language Conversation group provides a space to connect individuals who wish to practice and improve their foreign language speaking skills. In partnership with the Modern Languages department, students can take their language learning beyond the classroom.

Global Union Connects provides a platform for participants to voluntarily introduce themselves to a group of language learners and native speakers. The quality of the experience depends on the reciprocal input of each participant.

By joining the group for lunch or coffee hour to chat and practice, participants meet new friends, benefit from each other's knowledge, expand their skills, and are better able to engage the world around them. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve valuable foreign language conversation skills
  • Practice everyday terms and phrases in the language you are learning
  • Share your culture with others and increase your understanding of other cultures
  • Build social networks through friendly interactions
  • Gain additional language and cultural preparation for study abroad or other overseas travel
  • Add a second language to your resume and complement your current studies
  • Create a conversation group for the target language
Matching and Meeting With Your Language Exchange Partner

Native speakers will be international students or scholar whose first language matches the one you are learning.

Although we are actively searching for new Language exchange participants, at times an imbalance in certain target languages does occur. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Languages and Skill Level

This program is recommended for participants with at least intermediate proficiency in the language (second year) and is limited to those individuals associated with Lehigh University as either current students, scholars, faculty, staff, alumni or their family members.

Beginner level language learners will have a separate session to match their proficiency.

Languages include Mandarin, French, Arabic, and Spanish.

Contact the Office of International Students and Scholars for questions or more information on above programs (