iHome Online Service

In order to better serve your needs, you are encouraged to take advantage of our iHome online services.
iHome is an online application developed to provide services to international students and scholars at Lehigh University.  It’s available around the clock.  The following information provides an overview of what iHome can do for students and scholars. The features and functions are not limited to the list below.  We will continue to add more services in the near future.  We encourage you to log in to take advantage of the services and provide us with your feedback for further improvement.

Currently enrolled students

You can use your Lehigh user ID and password to access iHome with full services.
The following are currently available services:
Under the title of “Biographical Information,” you can
  • Update your permanent address
  • Update your contact and emergency contact information
  • For Local Address, you should update in Banner as “Home Address.”  Banner will automatically update iHome the next day.
Under the title of “General Services,” you can
  • Request letters for state ID and driver’s license application
  • Request a letter of invitation for family and friends
  • Request an appointment with OISS staff
  • Complete a waiver form for a particular trip
Under "J-1 Scholar Services," you can
  • Upload your health insurance card
  • Request a status verification letter
  • Fill out a J-1 Program Completion Report when you are finished with your appointment at Lehigh

Students who have graduated from Lehigh

Once you graduate from Lehigh, your account will be deactivated.  However, you will still be able to access iHome through Limited Services by following the steps below:
  1. Go to iss.lehigh.edu
  2. Click on "Limited Services"
  3. Click on "email me my limited access PIN"
  4. Enter your LIN (let us know if you don't remember)
  5. Your PIN will be generated and sent to your email address we have on file
  6. Go back to iHome Limited Services page and enter your LIN, DOB and PIN to log in