Where Are They Now?

Thanks to our emphasis on practical applications of knowledge and real-world experience, Lehigh students graduate ready to succeed and the statistics prove it—96 percent of the Class of 2017 are employed or attending graduate school within six months of graduation. Read more about career outcomes here and check out The Center for Career & Professional Development. Below, international alumni reflect on their time at Lehigh and how it helped get where they are now.

Noah Ongoro ’14

Hometown: Kisumu, Kenya
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Now: Engineering Support Supervisor, Bayer Consumer Health, on an international assignment in Indonesia

At Lehigh, my greatest asset was getting to meet people from all over the country and the world. Working on projects together in class and discovering places/ activities outside of class helped me learn to appreciate diversity in thought and culture. In addition, working for the Lehigh Enterprise Systems Center on real world projects with companies, while getting mentored, prepared me for the rigors of jobs. I had a smooth transition into a multinational company, and currently enjoying my experience in Indonesia on an international assignment.

Kenna Wu ’16

Hometown: Daqing, China
Major: Electrical Engineering at Lehigh
Now: International Sales Engineer, Lutron Electronics

Both my academic and extracurricular experiences helped me obtain my job. I had a major in EE, but at the same time studied minors in Asian Studies, Business, and was a member of Global Citizenship Program. During my years at Lehigh, I was heavily involved in all international activities and events, which made me realize how much I enjoyed spending time and getting to know people with different backgrounds and nationalities. Lutron is a very technical company that expects its employees to understand it products well and explain to customers in easy-to-understand words. My engineering background made the learning process very pleasant and enjoyable for me. Together with my other college programs, I was able to understand the business and convince customers with confidence. I have to say my Lehigh experiences helped expose me to all possibilities, discover my real interest, and empower me with all skills I need on my job. I greatly appreciate what Lehigh has brought me during my valuable four years.

Dat Hoang ’12

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Majors: Accounting and Finance, with a Political Science minor
Now: Associate, Capital Markets team, Rialto Mortgage Finance

Lehigh education and experiences helped me land a job at PwC right after graduation. Lehigh is well known for their accounting program, so all Big Four companies recruit at Lehigh. The career services at Lehigh was very helpful in preparing me for getting the job at PwC. And my extracurricular activities with Global Union and Global Village helped me stand out among applicants applying for the job. I was at PwC for three years, and Rialto was one of my clients. Rialto reached out to me asking me if I wanted to join their team, and I thought it was the right moment for me to move on with my next step in my career. Lehigh definitely helped me get where I am today.

Ekom Uko ’14

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Major: Electrical Engineering
Now: Design and Development Engineer, Lutron Electronics

I learned about Lutron through Lehigh’s co-op program. I did not consider doing a co-op prior to joining the co-op program at Lehigh. The Lehigh career center provided the information and coaching that I needed to apply and qualify for the Lutron co-op. Other than the support I got during my application, my extra-curricular experiences and classroom trainings at Lehigh groomed me into a well-rounded student who was willing to take on any challenges in the engineering field. I loved Lehigh and all my experiences and I won’t be where I am today if I didn’t become a Lehigh Mountain Hawk!

Kabita Karki ’17

Hometown: Nepal
Major: Chemical Engineering
Now: Junior Process Automation Engineer, Zenith Technologies

I am working in Boston, MA, as a Junior Process Automation Engineer at Zenith Technologies, a company which specializes in providing automation and process control services to life science companies. Currently, I am part of the team for the development of ICBF (Integrated Continuous Biopharmaceutical Facility), one of few of continuous biopharmaceutical plant in the country, for the company “Sanofi Genzyme.” Lehigh’s tough academic curriculum, group projects, researches, internships and extracurricular opportunities prepared me to deal with real world challenges including my current job.