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Started in 1997, the Iacocca Global Village is an innovative leadership experience that brings young professionals, entrepreneurs and advanced university students from every continent to live and work together in an intensive and extremely diverse learning community.

Over the past 25 years, the Global Village has empowered more than 2,450 leaders from 141 countries and helped launch Lehigh University's international strategy. 

To celebrate the Global Village's 25th anniversary in summer 2022, Lehigh partnered with PBS 39 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to produce a 30-minute live program. It honors the vision of Lee Iacocca '45 and recognizes the importance and power of global leadership, community engagement and the entrepreneurial spirit. Now it is available to watch anywhere in the world. We hope you enjoy it!

Watch the Celebration

Iacocca Global Village 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast

Iacocca Global Village 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast