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In these short experiential intensives, we take a deep-dive into a coaching-based pedagogy and practice designed to promote learning environments that value individual well-being, emphasize listening generously within difference and increase our capacity to co-create a more just, peaceful and equitable world.

We offered our first intensive in summer 2022 for professionals working to support international, study abroad, first-gen and BIPOC students on campus.

Our next intensive designed for a wider audience will be offered online in January 2023. 

Whether campus-focused or globally focused, attendees learn basic coaching skills framed within commitments to global citizenship and critical pedagogy. These skills can be used in intercultural facilitation and diversity work. They are also directly applicable to student advising and professional 1:1s. 

Upcoming Opportunities

Coaching as a Pedagogy of Self, Other and World Well-Being
Winter Intensive for Global Educators (Jan.16-18, 2023) 9:00am-12:00pm EST

As we return to our more mobile forms of global education this year, we do so recognizing that everyone in our field is still feeling the intense stressors of recent events. Our work to educate students to engage others thoughtfully, to listen within contexts of difference and to develop their capacities to sustain their global commitments has never been more urgent. Based on a combination of critical reflection and action, coaching offers one modality of self, other and world care that can help us all support the global education work the world needs right now.

In this 3-day intensive (3 mornings), we will delve into a coaching-based pedagogy designed to promote global education environments that value individual well-being, emphasize listening generously within difference and increase our capacity to co-create a more just, peaceful and equitable world with others.

Past Work

Toward Pedagogies of Self, Other and World Well-Being: Applying Global Citizenship-informed Coaching Practices in Our Work
Summer Intensive (2022)

In this four-day intensive we will examine a global citizenship-informed approach to coaching as one way to support the creation of a campus environment that values individual wellbeing, promotes listening generously within difference, and underlines our capacity to co-create a more just, peaceful and equitable world. We will explore how to adopt a coaching approach to working with students, staff and colleagues, and we will practice a range of coaching techniques that you can immediately apply. We will also consider encounters with difference and change, as well as our ability to live with intention and joy even within imperfect contexts and unpredictable circumstances. As we work, we will pay particular attention to working with international, BIPOC, first-gen and other diverse student groups, as well as students heading to study abroad or other experiential learning opportunities. Cultural and DEI concerns will be incorporated.