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In the arena of global social change work, who supports those doing the work? How do we assure that people can sustain this enormously important work over the long-haul? Coaching work at the Center activates and amplifies our abilities to root into ourselves, open to difference and do our good work in service of the world.

By cultivating these capacities, we embody the global citizenship call to BE THE CHANGE. 

Some of our offerings

Courses for undergrads: 

  • Coaching Towards Joy, Meaning + Social Good
  • 15021 CGH 197-010 Coaching Toward Joy, Meaning and Social Good I
  • 15096 CGH 197-011 Coaching Toward Joy, Meaning and Social Good II
  • Executive Coaching: Building Your Kitchen Table (independent study / permission required)

Short intensives for professionals:

In these short experiential intensives, we take a deep-dive into a coaching-based pedagogy and practice designed to promote learning environments that value individual well-being, emphasize listening generously within difference and increase our capacity to co-create a more just, peaceful and equitable world.

Mountaintop Project: (summer/fall 2023): Coaching for Global Wellbeing / Hear Global