From Vietnam to Lehigh to New York City

Oftentimes the most involved students on Lehigh’s campus leave lasting impact on the university and achieve the greatest success after graduation.

Dat Hoang ’12 not only was involved in multiple clubs and programs during his time on campus but he also took advantage of career services to secure a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Hoang, originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, was first attracted to Lehigh because of its beautiful campus. After researching the university through U.S. News and World Report, he decided to apply early decision.

A double major in accounting and finance with a minor in political science, Hoang pursued a rigorous course load throughout his four years. However, this did not stop him from getting involved in a multitude of organizations and programs.

Global Union (GU) was a big part of Hoang’s college experience, and he held a series of leadership positions. Hoang says he always enjoyed planning International Week, which requires the coordination of all GU board members and GU clubs and organizations.

During Hoang’s senior year, he was an orientation leader. “It was a great way to give back to Lehigh because I had the chance to share my experiences and guide my first-year student group,” he says.

Hoang was also part of the TRAC Writing Fellows Program, where he assisted students in their writing of essays and research papers. The TRAC program enhanced Hoang’s communication skills and has been valuable to his current job.

Career Services helped Hoang land an internship with PwC his junior year and he received a full-time offer the following year. “I'm currently working at Financial Instruments, Structured Products, and the Real Estate Group at PwC, mainly on the Real Estate team,” he says.

Hoang also feels that his experience with the Lehigh in Prague program and his involvement in Global Village assisted him in getting his internship and full-time position.

As part of Lehigh in Prague, Hoang interned at Deloitte Central Europe Clients and Market team while taking a course taught by a Lehigh professor. Hoang enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures and he was able to visit cities around Eastern Europe like Berlin, Budapest and Vienna. The experience helped him become more confident and provided him the opportunity to immerse himself in the culture personally and professionally.

By far the best experience for Hoang at Lehigh was taking part in Global Village, a six-week intensive leadership and entrepreneurship program. The year that Hoang was involved, there were 110 interns from 48 countries, with ages ranging from 18 to 50.

“I felt like I was traveling around the world in six weeks because I had a chance to interact with so many people from totally different backgrounds,” he said. Throughout the program, Hoang attended lectures in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, finance and personal development.

He worked on a project with seven people for the Flat World Knowledge Company. GV also set up cultural nights with food from around the world as well as trips to New York and Washington DC. The GV network is precious to Hoang, “We became like a family after six weeks,” he said.