Trisha Alexy

Director of Curriculum
(610) 758-5664

Trisha Alexy is Director of Curriculum for the Iacocca Global Village for Future Leaders program and assumes responsibility for providing the full scope of learning experiences for both the flagship program, Mandela Washington Fellowship program and also the International version that is titled Iacocca Global Village on the Move.

Among her activities, she schedules and oversees the delivery of more than 50 courses, 60 executives, 14 business projects, 2 panel sessions, trips to local businesses and learning experiences in New York City and Washington, DC. Previously, Trish served as the Director of the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Global Entrepreneurship (now the Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship), an Iacocca Institute program hosted by Lehigh University to educate U.S. high school and International high school students (ages 15-18) to the topics of global entrepreneurship, effective business practices, leadership and cultural understanding.

Trish has her Master of Education from Lehigh University, and graduated Kappa Tau Alpha from the University of Hawaii with degrees in Journalism and Political Science.