Jarmaine Lomax

(610) 758-6723

Jarmaine (Jay) Lomax joined the Iacocca Institute in November of 2016 as the Coordinator for the Iacocca Global Village for Future Leaders and Mandela Washington Fellowship programs. Jay has been instrumental in the successful management of the Events Air software system used to coordinate the agenda for the Global Village program. He has worked with Chris Harvey as Technical Support in order to ensure the software is working properly.

Previously, Jay served as a Student Coordinator for the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University for 18 years, where he assisted in the writing of a $10 million grant from the Whitaker Foundation in order to grow the department. Through his diligence with the students, Jay helped countless undergraduate and graduate students to graduate. Two doctoral students thanked him in their dissertations so that his name would always be in print and he would never be forgotten.

Jay also volunteers his time at a food bank called Oasis of Love, which provides 40 plus families with food and other essential items.