Rachel Spritzer

May, 2011 to August, 2011

So far my internship at the United Nations has been very busy, yet very exciting. I am stationed at the Visitors’ Centre at UN Headquarters in New York City. I am specifically working for Group Programmes and Public Inquiries, which are part the UN Department of Information (DPI). The office is like the public face of the UN; it distributes information about the UN, responds to the public’s letters, emails and phone calls, organizes briefings and lectures for groups upon request, runs UN4U, and coordinates group tours. My responsibilities involve all but the latter. 

I help maintain the Facebook page of the United Nations Visitors’ Centre (http://www.facebook.com/UNVisitorsCentre). I monitor the Page and post daily about various happenings around and involving the UN. When something requires a longer explanation, I publish a note. I also take and upload photographs of proceedings and exhibits at Headquarters. This has given my internship a bit of a journalistic aspect as I report the latest UN news or write about events I personally witness.

UN4U has been one of my main projects this summer. UN4U is a major program that the office organizes. October 24 is the birthday of the UN and around this time, the UN runs this outreach program for New York schools. I have been very busy doing the research for the presentation; writing the notes for speakers, outlines and talking points. I have also been creating the PowerPoint presentation that will be used for the program. 

I cannot imagine a more stimulating place to be interning than right in the heart of UN Headquarters. Not only do I run into some very interesting people (more about that later), but major world decisions are made around me every day and I often am lucky enough to witness these historical events firsthand.