Iacocca Internship Leads to a Job after Graduation

Ferguson (fourth from right) with her colleagues at Imagin8ors in Singapore.

Leah Ferguson '17, an architecture major, had an Iacocca International Internship at two companies in Singapore. She loved her experience there so much that she reached out about job opportunities. Now that she's graduated, she's heading back to work there full time. Read more about her experience.

Why did you decide to apply for an Iacocca Internship?

I decided to apply for the Iacocca Internship because I love traveling and it is a great opportunity to live abroad. I love being able to submerge myself in different cultures and experience life outside of America. However, being an athlete at Lehigh who participated in formal and informal training throughout the school year, I knew spending a semester abroad would never be a reality for me. Secondly, I was aware of the fact that as a rising senior I needed an internship on my resume to boost my job prospects. So, when I heard I could do all of that at no cost, I jumped on the opportunity.

What was your internship?

My internship that summer was two-fold. For the first few weeks I worked for Tethys Ventures, a technology risk consulting company. For the later part I worked seven weeks for Imagin8ors, an education technology startup. The work I did for Tethys Ventures was writing blogs to recent college graduates teaching them the basic ins and outs to investing and the benefit of it. At Imagin8ors, I worked closely with the research and design team to help create prototypes and activities for a children’s workshop centered on learning, creativity, and technology. The goal at Imagin8ors is to nurture the holistic learner in each child, which involves encouraging them to be original thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

What was the experience like? What did you learn?

The Iacocca Internship gave me a chance to really develop and mature my work ethic, confidence, and leadership skills. I was given more responsibility and freedom during my internship than any other job I have had before. This opportunity has helped set me up for the future. So much so that I now find myself working for the very company I interned with last summer and seeing my dreams in my reality. In addition, it also gave me the chance to appreciate a different culture and to learn by seeing the beauty and diversity in others’ way of life. Like all things, there were times during my stay in Singapore that I did experience the challenges of living in a different culture, but the staff was always available and supportive for me during those times. My internship truly allowed growing in confidence and feeling more comfortable with new experiences.

How did that lead to your job offer?

I enjoyed my Iacocca experience so much that when I got back to Lehigh I reached out to Imagin8ors to see if there was anything I could do to help the company succeed while at school. I fell in love with the company, the people, and Singapore while I was over there, so I wanted to keep any connection I had with them open. They allowed me to work with them to help further their success through the composing of creative images and videos. When I left my internship at the end of the summer the CEO talked to me briefly about joining the team after graduation. Of course at that time it was hard for me to see that as a possibility, but I always kept that in the back of my mind. At the end of January I reached out to them asking for information for my resume which restarted the conversation about me coming to work for them. Starting October 10th, I will be a full time Imagin8ors employee at their headquarters in Singapore, Singapore. I will serve as part of their research and design team, continuing the work I did for them last summer and helping them further their goal of using, “of using technology to help understand children as holistic learners and opening personalized paths for them.”