Lauren Jacobson

September, 2015

While my passion for the work of United Nations and non-governmental organizations(NGOs) was alive throughout my Lehigh career, my personal involvement began when Itook on the role of a Youth Representative during my graduate education. As a YouthRepresentative throughout the 2014-2015 school year, I complimented my studies inGlobalization and Educational Change by representing the Nigerian-based NGO,African Citizens Development Foundation through monthly visits to the United Nations.During these visits, I attended briefings held in honor of international days ofcelebration, remembrance, or other pertinent world issues. These briefings broughttogether United Nations staff, representatives, humanitarian organizations, and civilsociety to discuss such issues, and offer NGOs a platform to express their voicesI was therefore thrilled to take this knowledge and experience to the next level when Ibegan my internship for the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)Relations and Advocacy Section of the Department of Public Information (DPI). FromJune until December 2015, I worked for this office and became the focal point for thevery briefings that I had attended as a Youth Representative. In this role I contactedfield experts, conducted content research, and organized logistics of the weekly eventsas a member of the briefings team. I also assisted with day-to-day activities in theResource Center, where the almost 1,500 NGOs associated with the Department ofPublic Information are welcome to take information, utilize our resources, and inquireabout their association with the United Nations.One of my favorite projects was our office’s intern-led social media initiative, the#SticktoaGoal campaign where we attempted to raise awareness about the seventeennewly adopted Sustainable Development Goals by printing the icons on stickers andasking youth representatives, NGOs, and UN staff to choose an initiative and “stick toit”. Through this campaign, we had a number of international NGOs, the SecretaryGeneral’s Envoy on Youth, multiple UN Chiefs, and the Under Secretary General ofPublic Information participate, and were able to increase our twitter base with over1,000 new followers.Other opportunities I had throughout my internship included escorting official press andwitnessing heads of state address the Summit for the Adoption of the post-2015Development Agenda and the opening of the 70th Session of the General Assembly.Additionally, I assisted in the production of the International Day of Peace that includedspeeches from the Secretary General and celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors, and wasalso in attendance for the premiere of Oprah Winfrey’s faith-based documentary Belief.