The application process for summer 2015 will begin in mid-to-late September and applications are due by November 21, 2014.

To aid you in your quest for a summer internship abroad, the International Internship Program has arranged a wide range of international internship placements designated specifically for Lehigh University students. Follow the link to 2015 International Internship Placement Opportunities to explore available options, or create your own (see Student-Directed International Internships below).


How to Apply

  1. Review the international internship placement opportunities to determine the best fit.
  2. In 2015 a few students will be awarded a fellowship if they are able to identify and implement their own opportunity.  See "Student Directed International Internships" below.
  3. Complete the online application:
    • Log in to the Lehigh Portal and go to Banner
    • Once in Banner, go to Student Services.
    • Under Student Services, be certain to apply under the "Lee Iacocca International Internship Program" rather than the Study Abroad Application. Please note that applications for both the Freeman-funded and the Iacocca-funded internships are located here.
    • Please note that by applying via the on-line application, you are authenticating and electronically signing the Student Understanding and Agreement.
  4. Submit via e-mail to

Student Directed International Internships

A limited number of fellowships will be awarded to students who develop their own placement opportunity.  This fellowship will provide for airfare, accommodations, meals, and in-country ground transportation.  It does not cover the transportation to/from the US airport, immunizations, passports or visas.

Some students may have contacts abroad which will enable them to identify potential opportunities to develop their own international internships.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a Student-Directed International Internship, please note this as your first preference when applying on-line.

Supplemental application for Student Directed Internships


  • Students are expected to submit this application IN FULL as a supplement to the on-line application.  Students should identify a faculty member who can support them throughout the planning process and the implementation of the internship.
  • Participants are expected to work full time for the entire length of the internship period (6-10 weeks during Summer).
  • Applicants should be resourceful, flexible, motivated, responsible, comfortable in an unfamiliar setting, and open-minded to new cultures and experiences.
  • The student remains on good academic and behavior standing before and throughout the duration of the program.
  • Students will book their flights through the designated contact at Travel Leaders, which will be provided by the International Internship Director.
  • Students are considered fully funded through this fellowship and, consequently, should not seek additional financial support outside of the program without written consent by the International Internship Director.
  • A complete budget must be submitted with this proposal and written documentation of the actual expenses within two weeks of the end of the program.
  • Students will comply with all rules and regulations of the International Internship Program.
  • Graduating seniors are eligible to apply, but if selected, must defer graduation until after their internship has been completed.


Lehigh University administration reserves the right to revoke the fellowship even after it is awarded if there are safety and security concerns within the designated location, or if LU administration assesses a lack of compliance with the Student Understanding and Agreement, the Internship Addendum, letter of acceptance, LU Code of Conduct, laws in the country of travel, or appropriate follow-through on the plan as originally proposed.

Questions?  Please email

After You're Accepted

Participants are expected to work full time for the entire length of the internship period. Interns should be resourceful, flexible, motivated, responsible, comfortable in an unfamiliar setting, and open to new experiences and cultures other than their own. Students should understand the responsibilities of serving as a representative of Lehigh University and take this commitment seriously.

Upon Acceptance:

  • Sign and return your Letter of Understanding/Acceptance
  • Note that by signing the Letter of Understanding you will be acknowledging that your Bursar Account will be charged $1,000 if you do not participate in the internship and/or return prematurely for any reason other than hardship.
  • Provide a copy of your current passport
  • Complete a Health and Medical History Form
  • Attend Pre-Departure Orientation provided by the Study Abroad Office in April
  • Book your flight through Travel Leaders only (instructions will be provided).  This process automatically enrolls you with ISOS.

During your internship:

  • Meet or exceed internship's responsibilities while representing Lehigh University in a professional capacity
  • Fulfill additional requirements which will be communicated before and during your internship

After your return:

  • Provide feedback on the experience via an electronic survey
  • Submit a two page report on a template that will be provided
  • Create a poster for the Student Showcase
  • Attend Information Session(s) and spread the word on campus through other formal and informal channels as able