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APPLY NOW: Global Village 2017 Application

Selection Criteria 

Your admission to the Global Village depends largely upon how clearly you communicate who you are now as well as who you want to be in the future. The Selection Board will be looking for qualifications such as personal values and ethics, motivation, skills, the benefit that you hope to derive by attending and the contribution you would personally make to your colleagues in the Global Village experience.

Candidates are evaluated in 6 core areas:

  • Leadership experience and potential
  • International experience
  • Business experience
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Vision and goals
  • Commitment to the service of others

Candidates are also evaluated on what the Global Village can do to help them achieve their long term goals. The ideal candidate will be able to articulate both:

  • How their presence at the Global Village will benefit the other participants.
  • What they can gain from the Global Village at this particular stage of their personal and professional development.

Diversity is the foundation of the Global Village and each villager must bring some unique thread to that tapestry. If the country, region, or profession a candidate represents is already oversubscribed for this year’s program, he or she may be encouraged to apply again next year.

The average age of the Global Village participant is 26 years old and ages range from 19 to 35+. We recommend that students be at least 21, although we do consider younger applicants whose applications demonstrate exceptional ability, motivation and maturity.

Application Requirements

In addition to the online application, you must submit:

  • Educational transcript or latest job performance evaluation
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Evidence of English proficiency (example TOEFL, Cambridge Score, written letter from professor, proof of studies in English language school)
  • Copy of current CV or Resume
  • US $50.00 application fee

When to Apply

Selection for the Global Village program is ongoing and deadlines vary. All applications for Global Village 2017 must be submitted online.

Partner Institution Candidates

Deadlines for applications of candidates from our partner institutions vary based on the partner. Please check with your organization for its specific application requirements.

FLEX, YES, and A-SMYLE Alumni Scholarship Candidates

FLEX and YES alumni scholarship candidates must apply by 15 February.

Independent Candidates

15 January: Early Admission

15 April: Final Application Deadline 


Individual Scholarships

Tuition for the Global Village is US $7,500.

The Iacocca Institute offers individual tuition assistance in the form of the Iacocca Scholarship. Application for the scholarship is submitted as part of the Global Village online application; no additional forms are necessary. Please be aware that scholarship funds are limited. The Scholarship Committee will give strong consideration to applicants who have raised a majority of their tuition. The average individual scholarship awarded is between US $1,000 and $2,000.

Scholarship funds may be awarded in support of program tuition fees that cover materials, housing and local transportation for scheduled trips that are part of the Global Village curriculum. The Scholarship Committee NEVER awards funds to cover the costs of transportation TO and/or FROM Lehigh's campus in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Additionally, scholarship funds will NOT pay for food, initial deposit or other personal expenses during the five-week program.

In order to insure diversity of culture, geography, gender and experience, the number of selectees from any one country, major field of study or employment, etc. is very limited. Applicants who apply early have a better chance of selection AND the best opportunity to be considered for scholarship dollars.

FLEX, YES, or A-SMYLE Scholarships

The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) and the Youth Exchange and Study (YES) programs are innovative high school exchange programs funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. To be eligible for a FLEX or YES scholarship you must be an alumnus of the FLEX or YES program. All FLEX and YES alumni must follow the standard application process in addition to the following:

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All FLEX and YES alumni applications and supporting documents must be received by February 15, 2017 to be considered for the FLEX or YES Iacocca scholarships.

FEES: None; the $50 application fee is WAIVED for FLEX and YES alumni applicants.

ELIGIBILITY: All FLEX and YES candidates must return a Statement of Eligibility form (pdf) along with your completed application.