The GU is a coalition of more than 50 student clubs and organizations that promote global awareness and cultural understanding within the Lehigh community and the Lehigh Valley. There are more than 1,000 members from over 40 countries, including one-half of the membership from the United States.

The GU does not replace individual clubs: rather, it allows them a forum to work together. In their willingness to be global in outlook, GU members share a common mission and vision, as well as a space in which to pursue common goals. 

Located on the second floor of Coxe Hall, Room 215, the GU hosts numerous events focused on international educational, cultural and social issues.

Annual events include International Week and a series of speaker programs. All events at the GU are free and open to the entire Lehigh University community and residents of the region.


The Global Union was founded in 1997 by a group of American and international students, and staff, seeking to enhance the international voice on campus. These dedicated visionaries created the structure and constitution for a student organization open to all those seeking to broaden their horizons. Their foresight launched what has become one of Lehigh University's largest and most active student organizations. All those who have followed in their footsteps remain committed the mission and vision, the paradigm in student programming and cross-cultural engagement. 


Our mission is to provide an international experience to every student, faculty, and staff member on campus through interactive educational, cultural, and social programming.

Each semester we seek to create a series of dynamic partnerships, formed through the GU, and limited to agreed-upon events perceived as beneficial to the club members and to the campus at large. If deeper affiliation is sought, any student group with an international dimension or interest -- sports, economics,  global issues, a sorority or fraternity -- and who supports the vision and mission statement, is welcome to become a member of the GU.