Outreach Lecturing Fund

The Outreach Lecturing Fund enables Visiting Scholars to

  • Share their specific research interests
  • Speak on the history and culture of their countries
  • Exchange ideas with U.S. students, faculty, and community organizations
  • Become better acquainted with U.S. higher education
  • Create linkage between their home and host institutions

Arrange an Outreach Lecturing Fund Visitor

Faculty and professional staff of U.S. colleges and universities can identify scholars to invite to their campuses for OLF visits by consulting the Directory of Fulbright Visiting Scholars, which lists all visiting scholars in the United States for the current academic year. Institutions may contact scholars directly via the faculty associates and departments provided or they can also contact CIES staff to obtain scholars' telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Outreach Lecturing Fund awards directly to scholars who apply for and receive an OLF Travel Award. To apply for an award, the Visiting Scholar must submit to CIES at least one month before the visit is to take place a formal letter of invitation from an institution, in which the institution indicates the dates of the OLF visit and the lecture topic. Within four weeks of receiving the application, CIES will inform the scholar whether or not the OLF Travel Award has been approved. The scholar is responsible for purchasing an airline ticket or arranging some other means of transportation, such as a train, bus or rental car. The Fulbrighter will then receive the award after the OLF visit.