Lehigh is one of the few American universities that has a subcommittee of its Board of Trustees devoted to international issues. In addition, we have several faculty and staff committees that advise and guide our efforts.

Board of Trustees Subcommittee on Global Affairs

Oversees university-wide global initiatives and goals, ensures that university leadership shares the same vision, and ensure that Lehigh's global activities have strong alumni support, among other responsibilities.

  • Nicholas Bigelow ’80, ’81
  • Maria Chrin ’87, ’10P
  • Vincent Forlenza Jr. ’75
  • John Glanville ’77*
  • Sarat Sethi ’92
  • Karen O’Donnell VanderGoot ’99 (Chair)
  • Deborah Wince-Smith
  • Deborah Zajac ’97

*non trustee

The Advisory Council for International Affairs

Provides for a dialog regarding the opportunities and challenges presented in the international portfolio as well as any other globalization or international interests within the university community, provides advice and counsel on the priority of the international efforts as it relates to programs, infrastructure, and resources (both financial and staff).

  • Richard Brandt
  • Paul Brockman, CBE
  • Kathryn Humphreys
  • Jack Lule, CAS
  • Neil McGurty
  • Vincent Munley
  • Debra Nyby
  • Stephen Pessiki, RCEAS
  • Alexander Wiseman, COE

Global Citizenship Faculty Steering Committee

Meets monthly to discuss new ideas, and directions, goals, curriculum changes, events, new student selection, partnerships, and petition for the Global Citizenship Program.

  • Paul Brockman, CBE
  • Deep Singh, CAS (Convener)
  • Jill Sperandio, COE
  • Rick Weisman, RCEAS
  • Neil McGurty, Acting Global Citizenship Director, Director of International Programs
  • David Fine, Interim Assistant Director

International Affairs Metrics Committee

Assesses the university’s international efforts and activities.

  • J. Gary Lutz, Vice Provost for Institutional Research
  • Debra Nyby, Director of International Services
  • Neil McGurty, Director of International Programs
  • Gang Wang, Director of International Students and Scholars
  • Sandy Smith, Systems Manager

International Crisis Advisory Group

Oversees the International Emergency Response Plan and acts as on-call responders for crisis management on Lehigh-led programs.

  • Sharon Basso, Dean of Students
  • Heather Hosfeld, Associate General Counsel
  • Jerry Lennon, Deputy Provost Academic Affairs
  • Rich Freeman, Risk Manager
  • Linda Harbrecht, University Relations
  • Heather Hosfeld, Associate General Counsel
  • Pat Mann, Administrative Director, Provost Office
  • Neil McGurty, Director of International Programs (Chair and Secretary)
  • Vince Munley, Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Barbara Plohocki, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Frank Roth, General Counsel
  • Randy Shebby, Associate Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • John Smeaton, Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Jordan Reese, University Relations

International Travel Advisory Committee

Provides policy and guidance on international travel for faculty, staff, and students, particularly with regard to Travel Warning countries and credit-bearing international experiences.

  • Rich Freeman, Risk Manager
  • Heather Hosfeld, Associate General Counsel
  • Katherine Lavinder, Associate Dean of Students
  • Jerry Lennon, Deputy Provost Academic Affairs (Chair)
  • Neil McGurty, Director of International Programs
  • Katie Welsh Radande, Associate Director of International Programs (Secretary)

Lee Iacocca International Internship Steering Committee

Makes recommendations to the vice president and associate provost for international affairs on group program locations and on individual student selection and placement.

  • Lia Assad, Iacocca Family Member
  • Richard Brandt, Director, Iacocca Institute (Co-chair)
  • Paul Brockman, CBE
  • Marie-Helene Chabut, CAS
  • Carol Ham, Director of International Internships (Secretary)
  • Neil McGurty, Director of International Programs (Co-chair)
  • Nik Nikolov, CAS
  • John Savage, CAS
  • Tamas Terlaky, RCEAS
  • Lorraine Wiedorn, Assistant Vice President of Planned Giving, Advancement Office
  • Lehigh University/United Nations Partnership Faculty Steering Committee
  • Vera Fennel, CAS
  • Bill Hunter, Ex Officio, Director of International Outreach
  • Neil McGurty, Ex Officio, Director of International Programs
  • Iveta Silova, COE
  • K. Sivakumar, CBE
  • Rick Weisman, RCEAS
  • Bruce Whitehouse, CAS

Study Abroad Faculty Policy Board (Educational Policy subcommittee)

Coordinates courses, curriculum and credit for undergraduate students who study abroad; develops and implements quality criteria for study abroad programs; and consults with faculty on a core of acceptable and available programs that meet the curricular needs of each college.

  • Cheryl Ashcroft, Ad Hoc, Dean of Students Representative, Indefinite
  • Emil Gnasso, Ad Hoc, University Registrar, Indefinite
  • Judy McDonald, CBE Representative, 2014 (term ends)
  • Neil McGurty, Ad Hoc, Director of International Programs, Indefinite
  • Antonio Prieto, Ex Officio, MLL Chair, Indefinite
  • Jill Sperandio, COE Representative, 2016
  • Jennifer Swann, CAS Representative, 2015
  • Tony Viscardi, CAS Representative, 2016
  • Rick Weisman, RCEAS Representative, 2014 (Chair)
  • Cam Wesson, CAS Representative, 2016
  • TBD, Educational Policy Committee Representative